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terrarium substrate mixterrarium substrate mix
Sale priceFrom $4.48 USD Regular price$8.95 USD
mood moss in terrariumlive mood moss
leca clay ballsbags of leca clay balls
Sale priceFrom $3.95 USD
coconut activated charcoal for terrariumscoconut activated charcoal for terrariums
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springtails on clayspringtails in terrarium
fern mossLive Fern Moss (Thuidium Delicatulum)
Sale priceFrom $8.95 USD
mesh for terrarium drainage layermesh for terrarium drainage layer
live cushion moss (bun moss)live cushion moss (bun moss)
Sale priceFrom $11.95 USD
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bioactive cleanup crewtemperate white springtails culture
live hypnum sheet moss (hypnum imponens)sheet moss (hypnum moss)
Sale priceFrom $7.95 USD
oak leaf litter up closebags of oak leaf litter
Sale priceFrom $5.95 USD
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dwarf white isopod on cork barkdwarf white isopod on leaf
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powder orange isopodpowder orange isopod on plant
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dairy cow isopoddairy cow isopod
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orchid bark up closebags of orchid bark
Sale priceFrom $5.21 USD Regular price$6.95 USD
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oreo crumble isopodsoreo crumble isopod
Sale price$19.95 USD Regular price$24.95 USD
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dwarf purple isopod on wooddwarf purple isopod size comparison
coco coir pilecoco coir bags
Sale priceFrom $4.95 USD
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Orange Cream Isopods (Porcellionides pruinosus) 10 Countorange cream isopod on leaf litter
worm castingsworm castings
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Porcellio Laevis Orange isopodsPorcellio Laevis Orange isopods
magnolia seed podmagnolia seed pod
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powder blue isopod on leafpowder blue isopod on leaf
isopod superfood potisopod superfood pot
Save $5.00
panda king isopod on leaf litterpanda king isopod in cork bark
Sale price$29.95 USD Regular price$34.95 USD
cubaris white shark isopodscubaris white shark isopods
shiro utsuri isopod on handshiro utsuri isopod on leaf litter
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lava isopod on leaf litterlava isopod on leaf litter
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Porcellio Scaber Ghost isopodsPorcellio Scaber Ghost isopods
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rubber ducky isopod on leaf litterrubber ducky isopod on leaf litter