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terrarium substrate mixterrarium substrate mix
Sale priceFrom $8.95 USD
leca clay ballsbags of leca clay balls
Sale priceFrom $3.95 USD
On sale
activated charcoal in handactivated charcoal bags
Sale priceFrom $7.16 USD Regular price$8.95 USD
mesh for terrarium drainage layermesh for terrarium drainage layer
20% Saving (Applied in Cart)
Bioactive Cleanup Crew Bundle (Isopods, Springtails + Food)Bioactive Cleanup Crew Bundle (Isopods, Springtails + Food)
oak leaf litter up closebags of oak leaf litter
Sale priceFrom $5.95 USD
coco coir pilecoco coir bags
Sale priceFrom $4.95 USD
Worm Castings (Natural Organic Fertilizer)Worm Castings (Natural Organic Fertilizer)
On sale
orchid bark up closebags of orchid bark
Sale priceFrom $5.21 USD Regular price$6.95 USD

Shop our entire collection of online terrarium supplies in one place. Our carefully curated range of high-quality materials, bioactive tools, and kits are designed specifically to meet your needs. Each is suitable for projects of all sizes, from large DIY endeavors to charming miniature closed ecosystems.