Coco Coir Fiber (Loose)

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Size: 1 Quart

Coco coir is a coconut-derived planting medium that makes a fantastic base material for terrarium substrate mixes. Light, fluffy, and a champion at holding onto water, it keeps your tropical beauties quenched and happy.

Does your mix need extra hydration? Add a little to your substrate to make it go further.

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Key Benefits

It all starts with coco coir

Moisture intensive

Keep your terrarium looking lush and vibrant for longer with coco coir’s natural hydration abilities.

Root aeration

Coco coir's naturally airy texture gives your plant's roots some breathing room, encouraging strong, healthy growth.


Made from coconut husks, coir is a 100% renewable resource, making it the eco-friendly choice over peat-based alternatives.

Great longevity

These soilless coconut fibers are naturally pest-resistant and super-stable long term. It won’t degrade over time, making it the best foundation for a healthy substrate.


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