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About Our Shop

We're Community-Driven

We started Terrarium Tribe in 2019 to teach the world how to make terrariums - and now, over a million terrarium builders read our blog content every year. This store and its products encapsulate everything we’ve learned along the way and continues to evolve with our community.

About Us

Our Mission

The Full Terrarium Experience

We want to take you through the complete terrarium journey. From reading the (300+ articles strong) blog to purchasing the materials, and creating your own piece you're proud of. We're with you every step of the way.

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Quality products

We create and curate premium horticultural-grade products, so you can rest assured your terrarium will be set up for success.

Proven through practice

We’ve tried and tested everything in our own terrarium projects. We know what works, and we put that experience into our products.

Family owned

At the heart of every family-owned shop is a story of passion, authenticity, and community. Every purchase is personal and valued.