Live Cushion Moss (Bun Moss / Pillow Moss)

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Size: Small (0.25 sq ft)

Cushion Moss is the classic terrarium moss. Verdant green and effortlessly bouncy, this moss is a perfect complement for ornamental terrariums and crafty projects alike.

*This species (Leucobryum glaucum) is also known as Pillow Moss, Bun Moss, and Pincushion Moss - its characteristic mossy mounds have many endearing names.

We ship our moss semi-dried/dormant

In this form, our moss is much more shelf-stable. All you need to do is soak your moss in water before use, and it’ll spring back to life!

Natural product - May contain bugs.

While the greatest care is taken to remove bugs from the moss, it is harvested from natural areas. So we can’t guarantee there won’t be any critters hitching a ride. This is totally normal, and the re-hydrating process should wash any off prior to adding to your terrarium.

Sustainably & ethically harvested ❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Vibrant and plush Cushion Moss for terrariums

Easy care

This temperate moss can handle a wide range of terrarium conditions, making it a low-maintenance choice for projects of all kinds.

Sustainably harvested

Picked from private land (not national parks), only a small percentage of the moss is harvested at a time, allowing for sustainable regrowth.

Compact and slow-growing

Cushion Moss tends to grow outward a little but remains largely in place, keeping your arrangement intact.

Lush textures

The low-growing fuzzy tufts of Pillow Moss provide the distinctive look of rolling hills and an easy way to add some natural shapes and soft textures to a terrarium.

Natural space filler

Bun moss easily breaks apart as necessary to create the perfect-sized clumps for any terrarium space.


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*Please note that all-natural products are subject to natural variation in shape, texture, and color.