White Springtails Culture (4oz tub) on Calcium-Bearing Clay

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Adding a colony of springtails is the best way to keep your terrarium fresh, healthy, and mold-free - and the process couldn’t be easier. These minuscule, low-maintenance bugs eat all the stuff you don’t want growing in there, making them a perfect terrarium cleanup crew. Our springtail colony starter provides an ample supply to establish a thriving bioactive terrarium ecosystem. Grab yourself a team of tiny mold-munching machines today.

No extra charge for insulated packaging or heat/cold packs!


Our springtails spring into action

Terrarium adapted

Folsomia candida (also known as Temperate White Springtails) is the most established species in the hobby. They thrive in moist, humid environments.

Ready to go

Cultured on bentonite clay, your springtails can be easily transferred to your terrarium (existing terrariums and new).

Feeder insects

They multiply fast, making them ideal as an extra treat for dart frogs or any suitably small pets craving live snacks.

Hidden workforce

These cuties are so tiny (like 2-3mm) you’ll never know they’re there. Perfect for the bug-squeamish.

How your culture arrives 📦

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Calcium-bearing Clay

Convenient and highly nutritious, calcium-bearing clay is the best material to culture springtails on (and you can easily tap them out).

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Superfood Powder

A sprinkle of our signature springtail superfood will keep the springtails fed and healthy in transit.


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*Please bear in mind that these are live animals that are subject to their own whims and differences. While we can advise on best practices we cannot speak in absolutes when it comes to care.