Dwarf White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) 20+ Count

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Despite their minute size, Dwarf White Isopods are excellent bioactive cleaners. Truly tiny and well suited to a terrarium's moist, humid conditions, these tropical isopods are the clear choice for small terrariums. Due to their burrowing nature, they also have a ton of utility in bigger bioactive terrariums when paired with surface-dwelling isopod species.

  • Bioactive recyclers - Dwarf White Isopods may be small, but they’re mighty good at clearing organic waste, e.g., fallen leaves, perished plants, and pet feces.
  • Positively tiny - These isopods are so small (and spend so much time burrowed) that you’ll hardly notice they’re there. Perfect as a hidden bioactive workforce, though not quite as well hidden as well-camouflaged Dwarf Purple Isopods.
  • Substrate aerators - Their burrowing nature helps to aerate your substrate, keeping your plants’ roots happy and healthy. In larger setups, they can be paired with surface-foraging isopods (e.g., Powder Orange Isopods) for a complete bioactive dream team.
  • Prolific - Trichorhina tomentosa can breed parthenogenetically (i.e., without a mate) and quickly populate a terrarium. Don't worry, though; they’re self-limiting.
  • Great feeder insect - These little critters can make a nutritious, self-replicating snack for small terrarium pets.
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Dwarf White Isopods

Care Specs & Uses

Suitable Environments

Tropical | Temperate

Suitable Uses

Cleanup Crew | Feeder

Preferred Temperature Range

70-85º Fahrenheit

How your culture arrives 📦

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Soil & Sphagnum

Dwarf Isopods love moisture & burrowing, so we ship them in a substrate/sphagnum moss combo.

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Isopod Superfood

A sprinkle of our signature isopod superfood will keep the isopods fed and healthy in transit.

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Mixed Leaf Litter

A litte leaf litter serves as both a healthy snack and a natural bedding.


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