Isopod Superfood Powder (+ for Springtails)

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Size: 2oz tub

Give your isopods the nutrient boost they deserve with our potent Superfood powder. Handmade in Denver, every pinch of our carefully crafted blend is bursting with organic, high-grade nutrients designed to support the growth and health of your critters.

Handmade in Denver ‪‪❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Super isopod food for super bugs

Convenient & long lasting

Give your isopods a varied diet without the hassle. This concentrated food source goes a long way (and has a long shelf life) to keep your isopods healthier for longer.

Nutrient & protein-rich

Developed by our partners at Rubber Ducky Isopods, our Superfood powder contains a range of freeze-dried veggie and protein sources in one for a diverse nutrient profile.

Easy calcium source

This complex mix contains various high-quality shellfish and other calcium sources to support the development of robust, vibrant exoskeletons.


Want to grow your springtail colony? Despite being designed with isopods in mind, this Superfood will keep your springtails happy too!


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*Please note that all-natural ingredients are subject to natural variation in color and consistency.