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Size: 1 Quart

Introduce a healthy dose of the forest floor to your terrarium with this organic oak leaf litter. Serving a dual purpose as a nutritious snack for isopods and a hiding spot for cleanup crews and pets alike, a generous helping of leaf litter is an essential part of any bioactive terrarium (or isopod culture). Oak is a soft and nutritious leaf that isopods love to eat - with rich textures and earthy tones; it strikes a good balance between longevity and palatability.

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Key Benefits

Organic leaf litter, just as nature intended

Essential nourishment 

As the leaves slowly break down, they become the major food source for your isopods. If keeping your isopods in a terrarium, this will, in turn, become nutrients for your plants. Win-win.

Hiding spots

Leaf litter provides natural cover for isopods and other vivarium pets to feel comfortable and confident in their environment.

Moisture + humidity boost

These leaves hold onto moisture at the ground level, helping to maintain a stable and high humidity level where the isopods need it most.

Pesticide and insecticide-free

Sourced from Tennessee, this organic leaf litter is safe for isopods and vivarium inhabitants alike.


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*Please note that all-natural ingredients are subject to natural variation in color.