LECA Clay Balls

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Size: 1 Eighth (16 fl oz)

LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) is the ultimate lightweight drainage material that’s good to your plants and your glassware. These low-density, high-strength, absorbent clay balls make an ideal foundation for your terrarium - able to reliably support your layers and buffer any overwatering mishaps.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

Hand-packaged in Denver ‪‪❤︎‬

Key Benefits

LECA: Maximum drainage, minimum weight


Bid farewell to the fear of cracked glass. LECA provides all the function at a fraction of the weight of traditional drainage materials.

Moisture retentive

Unlike your average rocks, these porous powerhouses mop up excess water, which can then be accessed by your plants when they need it. Win-win.


Not only are LECA balls infinitely reusable, they’re also a tried-and-tested hydroponic growing medium for your cuttings and houseplants.


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