Orchid Bark (Coarse Grade)

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Size: 1 Quart

Orchid bark is the ultimate horticultural all-rounder. When you blend this fibrous bark into your substrate, you’re boosting aeration, drainage, and water retention all in one go - giving your plants the breathing room they need to thrive.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

Compatibility check

This orchid bark is a mix of two different barks, one of which is pine bark, making it unsuitable for use with isopods and pets. Always do your research into your chosen animal(s) before buying.

Hand-packaged in Denver ❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Orchid bark - chunky yet funky

Better soil structure

This orchid bark strikes the perfect balance between aeration-inducing chunkiness and easy “plantability.”

Faster drainage

Say goodbye to waterlogged roots. Orchid bark facilitates faster drainage, preventing excess moisture from accumulating and damaging your plants.

Moisture retention

As a bonus, orchid bark stays moist for longer. Helping to maintain a humid environment, just the way your tropical plants like it.


Whether it's spicing up a substrate mix or dressing up the top layer of your terrarium, this bark is as versatile as it is functional.


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*Please note that all-natural ingredients are subject to natural variation in color.