Worm Castings (Natural Organic Fertilizer)

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Size: 1 Eighth (16 fl oz)

Give your terrarium substrate a scoop of love with these organic earthworm castings. They're like a slow-release superfood smoothie for your soil, delivering a powerful combination of essential minerals and micro-nutrients. Everything your terrarium needs for sustained, vibrant growth.

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Key Benefits

Pure worm castings, just as nature intended.

Natural fertilization

With these earthworm castings, you can say goodbye to chemical fertilizers. These provide a rich, all-natural source of nutrition for your plants that’s both safe and balanced.

Slow release

The natural mucus of the worms slows down the organic breakdown of the material, creating a steady supply of essential nutrients for your terrarium environment.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Worm castings are quite literally worm manure, it doesn’t get much more renewable than that…

Moisture retention

Keep your terrarium lush, not mush. These castings are super water retentive, boosting those all-important tropical conditions.

Better soil structure

The fine texture of worm castings improves soil aeration, making for healthier roots and happier plants.


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*Please note that all-natural ingredients are subject to natural variation in color. Castings can compress in volume during transit but they still have the same amount of nutrients! They’ll fluff back up when added to a substrate mix.