Magnolia Seed Pods - Natural Bioactive Decor

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Magnolia seed pods are among our favorite natural décor pieces for bioactive terrariums. Perfect for creating an organic forest floor aesthetic, they’re equally loved by isopods and springtails as hiding/breeding homes (and as a food source). 

*These all-natural magnolia pods vary in size and shape, though they are typically around 3 inches long.

Hand-packaged in Denver ❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Cute + convenient magnolia seed pods.

Consistent + stable nutrition

Similar to cork bark, magnolia seed pods decompose slowly over time, providing a consistent food source for many months.

Natural bug shelters

Magnolia seed pods provide natural cover for isopods and springtails. They LOVE to hide inside and it can actually facilitate them breeding.

Pesticide & insecticide-free

Sourced from Tennessee, these seed pods are safe for isopods and vivarium inhabitants alike.


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