Terrarium Substrate Mesh (Protective Drainage Barrier)

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Size: Small - 15x15″

Keep your terrarium drainage channels open and flowing with this mesh screen. This easy-to-use protective barrier sits between your substrate and drainage material (also known as a false bottom), preventing the two from mixing and clogging up the whole system. Without a barrier, your plants’ roots can (and eventually will) grow into the drainage layer, defeating the purpose of one altogether. Save yourself the hassle of replanting with this simple solution!

We offer 3 sheet sizes so you can get just the right amount for your particular project.

Hand-cut in Denver ‪‪❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Keep it simple and separate with substrate mesh


This lightweight mesh won’t rust or break down, so you can be sure it’ll go the distance along with your terrarium.

Minimal waste

We know you only need a small amount for each project, so we offer a variety of common sizes. That way you can easily cut yours to size with very little leftover.

Simple and easy

Once you’ve trimmed your mesh to size it can be placed directly on top of your drainage layer.


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