Live Fern Moss (Thuidium Delicatulum)

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Size: Small (0.25 sq ft)

Fern Moss is a lush, feathered sheet moss with delicate, fern-like leaves. Its rich textures and vibrant colors make it a natural fit for woodland and tropical terrariums alike.

Shelf & temperature stable moss.

We ship our moss dried/dormant. All you need to do is soak your moss in water before use, and it’ll spring back to life!

Natural product (may contain bugs).

Our moss is harvested from natural areas, so the occasional critter can hitch a ride (but they'll wash off when re-hydrating the moss before use).

Sustainably & ethically harvested ❤︎‬

Key Benefits

Fern Moss, woodland charm in every leaf.

Lush ground cover

This luxuriously feathered sheet moss readily forms a thick and textured carpet layer across your terrarium floor.

Terrarium ready

Tough, resilient, and highly adaptable, this type of sheet moss is suitable for terrarium projects of all kinds.

Sustainably harvested

We pride ourselves in responsibly sourcing our moss from privately owned forestland (never national parks), where only a small portion is picked at a time so that the moss can easily regenerate.


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*Please note that all-natural products are subject to natural variation in shape, texture, and color.