Bioactive Cleanup Crew Bundle (Isopods, Springtails + Food)

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Pin Oak Leaf Litter (Size): 1 Quart
Isopod Superfood Powder (+ for Springtails) (Size): 2oz tub

Designed to meet the diverse needs of your terrarium from every angle, we bring you a powerhouse bioactive combination. We’ve hand-picked a dynamic duo of Dwarf White Isopods and Powder Orange Isopods to complement our classic Temperate White Springtails.

Anyone who wants a fully functioning bioactive terrarium ecosystem without the hassle can simply add this dream team to the mix. Plus, with leaf litter and our custom-made Superfood, we supply all the food you need to get started!

In this bundle, you will receive:

No extra charge for insulated packaging or heat/cold packs!

Key Benefits

The Ultimate Bioactive Dream Team

Bioactive synergies

These isopods work together to tackle your terrarium from above and below. The burrowing Dwarf Whites work diligently beneath the ground, while the Powders roam the surface for fallen debris.

Thriving flora

Experience the difference with healthier, more vibrant plants. Thanks to the symbiotic relationship between our custodians and your greenery, your plants get to benefit from better nutrient cycling and soil aeration.

Terrarium tailored

Rest assured, each of these isopods and springtails are recognized for their ease of care and compatibility with a wide range of terrarium setups.


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*Please bear in mind that these are live animals that are subject to their own whims and differences. While we can advise on best practices, we cannot speak in absolutes when it comes to behavior or care.