Porcellio laevis Orange Isopods - 10 Count

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Porcellio laevis are the bioactive workhorse of the terrarium hobby and a fan favorite for reptile enclosures. These large orange isopods can do some serious waste cleaning, meaning less dirty work for you! Their easy care and prolific nature mean you’ll have a self-replicating reptile snack and cleanup crew all in one.

Selected color morph: Orange laevis

  • Effective bioactive cleaners - With their voracious, protein-hungry appetites, these isopods make light work of any waste from your pets and plants.
  • Highly prolific - These things spread like wildfire, so you’ll have a healthy colony in no time.
  • Great feeder insect - Their large, calcium-rich exoskeletons make them nutritious feeders for larger reptiles. Plus, their rapid breeding helps them keep up with predation pressures.
  • Highly adaptable - Porcellio laevis is a relatively hardy species that can thrive in a range of terrarium environments.
  • Substrate aerators - Their burrowing nature helps to aerate your substrate, keeping your plants’ roots healthy and happy.

Compatibility Check

Adding these to an animal vivarium? Porcellio laevis aren’t always suitable for cohabiting with smaller, soft-bodied animals. Always check compatibility with your pet species first.

No extra charge for insulated packaging or heat/cold packs!

Porcellio laevis "Orange"

Care Specs & Uses

Suitable Environments

Tropical | Temperate | Semi-Arid

Suitable Uses

Cleanup Crew | Pet | Feeder

Preferred Temperature Range

70-85º Fahrenheit

How your culture arrives 📦

water droplet icon

Sphagnum Moss

Isopods are shipped in sphagnum moss to keep them hydrated and comfortable during the journey.

icon of star plus knife and fork

Isopod Superfood

A sprinkle of our signature isopod superfood will keep the isopods fed and healthy in transit.

leaf icon

Mixed Leaf Litter

A litte leaf litter serves as both a healthy snack and a natural bedding.


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