Panda King Isopods (Cubaris sp.) 10 Count

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Panda King Isopods are the perfect entry point to the world of cute Cubaris isopods. Adorable and affordable, they’re way easier to care for/breed than their more expensive cousins.

They’re also much bolder, so as far as pet isopods go, you get to see (and appreciate) them more. Their tropical nature and love of humidity means they are also a fit for tropical terrariums. Granted, they won’t be the most effective cleanup crew, but they could be the prettiest!

Color morph selected: Panda Kings

No extra charge for insulated packaging or heat/cold packs!

Panda King Isopods

Care Specs & Uses

Suitable Environments

Tropical | Temperate

Suitable Uses


Preferred Temperature Range

75-80º Fahrenheit

How your culture arrives 📦

water droplet icon

Sphagnum Moss

Isopods are shipped in sphagnum moss to keep them hydrated and comfortable during the journey.

icon of star plus knife and fork

Isopod Superfood

A sprinkle of our signature isopod superfood will keep the isopods fed and healthy in transit.

leaf icon

Mixed Leaf Litter

A litte leaf litter serves as both a healthy snack and a natural bedding.


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*Please bear in mind that these are live animals that are subject to their own whims and differences. While we can advise on best practices, we cannot speak in absolutes when it comes to behavior or care.